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  • Bont

    Founded in 1975, Bont's primary focus was on producing ice skates. In 2007, after continual requests the decision was made to expand the companies product line into the cycling market.

    Working together with world class athletes, Bont launched its initial offering of cycling shoes and in its inaugural year at the 2008 Beijing Olympics finished with 8 Gold medals. Since 2008, Bont Cycling has rapidly grown it's product line to over 9 models and now caters extensively to all disciplines of cycling. Bont's range of cycling shoes cater not only to high performance athletes, but also to enthusiasts and beginners alike.

  • BnB Racks

    BN’B Rack is designed by a team of experienced engineers who enjoy spending most of their time in outdoor life – cycling, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, fishing, and camping.

    BnB Racks are customized to carry and protect your gears and precious cargo. Ultimately, your interior space is maximized for your family and pets. With our ingenious design, we will surely make your trip more convenient, safe, and exciting.

  • Geax

    The Geax brand wasn’t born in a laboratory or big industrial marketing group. Nor was it borrowed from the automotive or any other industry. Instead, it was bred from the very roots of mountain biking: passion, dedication and love of the outdoors.

    Since the early ‘90’s, Geax has developed a range full of technologies that have propelled countless riders to the top, and continues to do so to this day. They are unique and exclusive, designing and manufacturing tyres specifically for your sport, your lifestyle, your passion.

  • Strace

    Motivated from a passion for cycling with the target of creating unique products combining cutting-edge design with the latest high performance technology.

    The special selection of materials and unmistakeable Italian style, makes the saddles Strace a product of high quality, with captivating graphics and unbeatable comfort.

  • Motorex

    For over 90 years, Motorex has been the largest independent crude oil refinery in Switzerland and has been active in research, development and production of innovative lubricants and chemicals, which are used to create high quality products such as bicycle lubricants, oils, greases and cleaners.

  • Innovations

    Since 1990, Genuine Innovations has developed the worlds leading line of CO2 powered and manual tyre inflation products for the cycling and motor sports industry.

    Many of their high pressure regulators and CO2 tyre inflator designs are patented, and they pioneered the powered inflation category worldwide. As part of their collective focus and commitment to continuous improvement, they regularly set new standards for safety, reliability, and ease of use by which all other products in the category are measured.

  • Dufva

    Herrmans is one of the leading European forerunners when it comes to bicycle technology and has recently created the brand Dufva which represent a range of handle bar grips. The Dufva series, includes the single and dual density grips and is Hermans top-of-the line grips.

  • Control Tech

    Since 1989, Control Tech has developed a reputation for designing and manufacturing a line of lightweight, durable alloy and carbon bicycle components.

    Control Tech stands behind their business motto; Reliability, Ingenuity, Quality and Value.

  • Oxford

    Since 1973, Oxford Products have emerged as a market leader in the motorcycle industry specialising in security and touring products. Oxford currently exports to over 50 countries worldwide. Their experience in producing products which can withstand the rigors of motorcycling has also enabled them to develop a range of world-class leading security and touring products for cyclists.

  • SuperB

    Super B originally started designing and manufacturing hand tools over twenty years ago and have used this experience to establish a solid foundation to create bicycle specific hands tools. Over the years their knowledge has shone through, as they have developed an extremely successful large range of Bicycle hand tools that are used worldwide.

  • Rasso

    Rasso design and manufacture a highly innovative range of bicycle saddles. They have been dedicated to measuring the research of hip riding and ergonomics, how to release the pressure, discomfort, ventilation, numbness and ache and reduce friction.

    From Professional to the enthusiast there is a Rasso saddle that will suit your riding.

  • Dosh

    Designed and manufactured in Sydney, Australia, Dosh wallets are made from a combination of polymer materials including Desmopan. This durable patented material allows Dosh wallets to be used in environments where most other wallets would perish – this gives Dosh a truly “go-anywhere” edge. Desmopan has been described as the new leather – a sturdy, slick and sexy material built for the modern age.

  • Solo

    Solo take inspiration from the classic jersey styles of the 1950's – 1970's. We create beautiful, functional cycle clothing designed to not only make you look good, but to make you feel good too. The Solo collection comprises a range of jerseys and accessories that have become favourite items of cycle kit for many cyclists worldwide.

  • Foss

    FOSS aims to be a pioneer in the bicycle industry and to provide the customers with products of best quality and all functions.
    Starting from research and development, design, and manufacture, all FOSS products are 100% made in Taiwan.

    FOSS Environmentally Friendly Tube is the Winner of iF Material Award 2010 and the Champion of Wheel Set Group, Innobike 2010, held by TBEA (Taiwan Bicycle Exporters' Association).

  • Chaptah

    Every ride has a story. Every story has a different Chaptah, whether it is your gloves your brakes or your grips, we have a growing range of cycling products to keep your ride going.

    Chaptah is an Australian owned brand. Through experience and passion our design team aim to deliver high quality products that meet the demands of all cyclists ranging from the commuter right through to the racer.

    Where is the next Chaptah leading you?

  • BoA

    Bottles of Australia (BOA) manufacture the highest quality water bottles and also use state of the art printing facilities.

    All of the bottles are made of food grade plastics, they are of the highest quality, fully recyclable, designed and manufactured in Australia allowing for quick turnaround and swift delivery.

    For your custom print bottles BoA is the company you can trust.

  • Vittoria

    Leader in tubulars and tires, Vittoria is a company that developes the best racing tires for all levels, especially our unique cotton tires.

    With an annual production of more than 7 million tires and 900.000 famous tubulars and cotton tires all developed and produced in its wholly owned factory Lion Tyres in Thailand, Vittoria Industries Ltd. is one of the largest race bike tire specialists and producers in the world.

  • Slime

    Since 1989, Slime has been a pioneer and innovator in tyre sealant and tyre repair technology.

    Slime is widely distributed in over 80 countries and is the most widely distributed tyre sealant in the world. Slime brand products can be found in over 50,000 retail distribution points worldwide.

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